2nd CALOHEA National Meeting at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 9 – 10 March 2023

The CALOHEA National Meeting is continuing strong on its momentum as the 2nd National Meeting concluded on a successful note at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. 

Experts, professionals, academics, and students gathered for the 2-day hybrid National Meeting from 9-10 March 2023 to hear more about Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Asia (CALOHEA) and work out the three Recognition Mechanisms (3RMS) in the local context to enhance student mobility.

The first day was kick-started by opening remarks from Associate Professor Sawekchai Tangaramvong, Ph.D. from Chulalongkorn University, and Dr. Pablo Beneitone from International Tuning Academy, University of Groningen. 

Participants then embarked on comprehensive knowledge-sharing sessions, where experts from Europe and ASEAN shared the overview and progress of CALOHEA and the three Recognition Mechanisms in ASEAN. 

The Meeting then continued into the afternoon with policy dialogue sessions, where academic staff, employers, students, and representatives from professional governing bodies engaged in an insightful dialogue with participants. The Meeting had the honour to welcome distinguished speakers such as Associate Professor Sarithdej Pathanasethpong, the second Vice-President of Thailand’s Council of Engineers and the Chair of the Thailand Accreditation Board of Engineering Education, and Associate Professor Dr. Montree Yamkasikorn, Senior Advisor of the Secretariat Office of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Sawekchai Tangaramvong, Ph.D., Chulalongkorn University

Dr. Pablo Beneitone, International Tuning Academy, University of Groningen

Assoc. Prof. Sarithdej Pathanasethpong, the 2nd Vice-President of the Council of Engineers Thailand and the Chair of the Thailand Accreditation Board of Engineering Education

Assoc. Proof. Dr. Montree Yamkasikorn, Senior Advisor, Secretariat Office of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand

The second day of the event saw professionals, students, and academics engaged in eventful workshops, where each participant got to share and reflect on the local context for the development of the three Recognition Mechanisms, which will further enhance student mobility. The result of this workshop is for the three Recognition Mechanisms to be validated on a national level. Participants provided positive feedback, with many citing the workshop as an open space where insights, knowledge, and comments could be exchanged between academics, students, and employers.

Academics, professionals, and students in the field of engineering at the second day’s workshop


Students from the Faculty of Education at the second day’s workshop

The CALOHEA National Meeting will return on 5-6 April 2023 at the National University of Laos (NUOL) and Souphanouvong University (SU), Lao PDR. Professional organisations, quality assurance agencies, ministries of education, academic staff, students, and those interested in enhancing student mobility can look up more information on the CALOHEA Project at https://calohea.org.

Interested in seeing more? Video coverage of the event can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw_yFEUKhJA&t=1s